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Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels - Generating Electricity from sunlight.

With ever increasing energy costs Renewable Energy is becoming a very popular and practical option for homeowners in the UK. Solar Power from Photovoltaic Solar Panels are the most popular choice.

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Thermal Solar Panels - Collecting heat from sunlight to power your hot water system.

Either installed on it's own or as put of a complete solar power system Thermal Solar Panels are a great way to reduce energy bills and with the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive are becoming very popular.

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UK Solar Feed in Tariff Scheme - Part of the Clean Energy Cashback Scheme.

They say money doesn't grow on trees but with the introduction of the Feed in Tariff in the UK money can grow on your roof. PV Solar Panel Installations carried out by MCS accredited installers are entitled to cash for the solar power generated.

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Welcome to the home of information for the Solar Energy market in the UK. We are passionate about the benefits of photovoltaic solar panels for your home and understand the future the industry has in the renewable energy market.

Not only will you find all the latest news and information but we'll also provide you with solar panel prices from highly recommended PV Solar Panel Installers:

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Solar Power for Homes

Solar Power is the UK's number one choice of renewable energy for households. Solar Power for homes is generated by solar panels; these are either photovoltaic (PV) solar panels or thermal solar panels.

With rising energy costs and the threat of fossil fuels running out solar power is a great alternative energy source for the home. Not only is it a way of generating clean energy with no carbon emissions, but by installing solar panels you are also able to future proof some if not all of the energy costs for your home.

Solar Power for the home is a rising market and there are great schemes available backed by the government to help ease the financial costs and to make it possible to see a return on the investment. Schemes such as the feed-in tariff have helped the solar power market to see a 400% rise in 15 months which has been fuelled by the schemes' popularity.

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Panels for businesses are continuing to grow in popularity, like solar power for homes, commercial solar installations can save businesses money and also generate income.

Solar Panels for businesses and commercial use can be used to create large solar arrays that are capable of producing vast quantities of electricity for the company to use or to export to the national grid. The feed-in tariff scheme is available for businesses and means that companies can be paid an income for any excess energy they produce and export, this scheme helps businesses to receive a return on their solar panel investment.

There are many examples across the UK of businesses utilising solar panels to power their business and to generate an additional revenue stream. The biggest increase in the private sector has been for farming and agricultural businesses. Solar panels perfectly suit this type of commercial business, as the open, un-shaded space is often available for a large solar installation. Read more ...

Asbestos Removal issues

It is not uncommon to find asbestos in commercial buildings, if you are planning on installing solar power onto a commercial property check for asbestos roofing tiles. If you do require asbestos removal services then check out for price comparisons.

Heat Pumps

The two most popular types of heat pump for the home are ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. Both work in the same way but extract heat from different sources. Heat pumps do require electricity to run, but the level of electricity used is outweighed by the heat energy produced therefore making heat pumps a good choice of alternative energy for the home.

Ground source heat pumps tend to be more efficient but cost more to install as the installation process requires placing a network of pipes underground. Air source heat pumps are much easier to install as they tend to be placed on the side or back of the home or business property. Heat pumps are most efficient at heating space but can be used to heat water.

Heat Pumps will be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that is set to launch in 2012, this will help make heat pumps more affordable and will make it easier to see a return on the investment.


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Outdoor Entrance Canopies

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Domestic Smoke Detectors

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