Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar PV Panels

An alternative energy source

The most popular choice in the UK for renewable energy in the home is using Photovoltaic Solar Panels, commonly referred to as PV Solar Panels. Here you will find information about Photovoltaic Solar Panels and answers to the questions you are most likely to ask:

  • What is a PV Solar Panel?
  • How do PV Solar Panels work?
  • The different types of PV Solar Systems
  • Installing PV Solar Panels
  • How much power does a PV Solar Panel generate?
  • How can PV Solar Panels save me money? Will I require Planning Permission?

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels as alternative energy source for homes

Figures About Renewable Energy in the UK

What can using the power of the sun do for the UK economy?


Save on your electricity bill


Added savings from using solar thermal panels


of UK homes with Solar PV by 2020


Solar PV price drop over 5 years

For home



Solar PV panels to generate tax free income and extra money by selling surplus power back to the National Grid


Easy To Use

Solar thermal panels to generate hot water for general domestic use around the home saving you money



Biomass boilers to use renewable fuels, lowering costs and potential income from the renewable heat incentive

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What is a PV Solar Panel?


Solar PV

Photovoltaic solar panels are built up of PV cells; which are crystalline cells of a semiconducting material, such as silicon, in an aluminium frame with a glass sheet protecting the cells and letting the light through.



There are different types of semiconducting materials used to make PV solar panels with varying costs, silicon is the most common material used.


Mono or Poly?

The silicon PV cells also vary in type, they differentiate by the way they are cut & treated. 2 of the most common types in the UK are mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline.

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